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Enhanced self-harm presentation reporting using additional ICD-10 codes and free text in NSW emergency departments

This study describes an enhanced method for reporting emergency department self-harm presentations in NSW using additional ICD-19 codes and simple free text searching.
Journal article

The impact of the 2020 COVID-19-related suspension of BreastScreen NSW on breast cancer tumour size and treatment

Other authors
Matthew Warner-Smith, Nicola Scott, Anthea Temple, Chirag Mistry, Sarah McGill
This retrospective observational study examined data before and after the 2020 BreastScreen NSW suspension to assess the impact on tumour size in breast cancer diagnoses, and volumes of mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery.

Data to inform assessment of legal needs in New South Wales: update on vulnerable community groups

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of some information and data sources that are useful to consider in conducting a legal needs assessment in New South Wales.

Petroleum exploration permit 11 (PEP 11): recent developments

​This paper provides some background information on PEP 11 and an overview of the current regulatory framework.

NSW electricity supply and reliability check up

This report covers a very broad range of topics related to the supply and reliability of electricity supply in New South Wales at a time of energy transition. The transition is driven by the need to decarbonise the state’s electricity supply in line with the...
Discussion paper

Equitable remuneration in the legal profession

The purpose of this paper is to share information on how the solicitor arm of the legal profession can actively work towards equitable remuneration through addressing the gender pay gap.

Independent Review of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016: final report

An independent panel undertook a review of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. The purpose of the review was to determine whether the policy objectives of the Act remain valid and whether the terms remain appropriate for securing those objectives.

Report of the First Nations Women’s Economic Participation Review

This review is the New South Wales Government’s first step in identifying the specific barriers to economic participation experienced by First Nations women.

"This is my story. It's your case, but it's my story."

In response to a recommendation by the NSW Law Reform Commission, the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has led a program of research to investigate the manner in which the New South Wales criminal justice system and its processes are directly experienced by...

Rural and regional development in NSW in the aftermath of COVID-19

This paper reviews recent demographic shifts in rural and regional New South Wales. It examines how the pandemic disrupted pre-COVID migration trends and looks forward to 2030, identifying key population debates of relevance to New South Wales.

Waithood: the experiences of applying for and waiting for social housing

The approximately 175,000 households across the country on the social housing waiting list (waitees) are among the most vulnerable people in Australia, yet very little is known about their everyday lives and the challenges they face. Drawing on 75 in-depth interviews with waitees in New...

Rare, brief and non-recurring: a system wide approach to ending homelessness together

The purpose of this research was to gain different perspectives to build and consolidate an understanding about the biggest challenges to ending homelessness and the conditions that continue to hold these challenges in place. By working together to understand these, Homelessness NSW has also identified...
Data portal

Unemployment and JobSeeker estimates (March 2023)

The NSW Parliamentary Research Service has published the latest unemployment and JobSeeker estimates for all 93 NSW electorates (March 2023).
Policy report

Enhancing school improvement reform in New South Wales (Australia)

This report presents an in-depth assessment and offers concrete recommendations for enhancing the design and implementation of the NSW Department of Education's school improvement and broader education reform agenda.

Local links and learning: resilience in regional, rural and remote schools

Drawing on local experiences and examples from other parts of Australia and abroad, this report outlines how resilience can be boosted by fostering community ties and harnessing learning opportunities.
Data portal

NSW electorate profiles: 2021 Census - cultural diversity

This portal provides the most easily accessible cultural diversity data from the Census for New South Wales electorates as redistributed in 2021.
Discussion paper

Monitoring the biodiversity credits market in NSW: issues paper

Healthy biodiversity is important for the quality of life of current and future generations. This issues paper sets out IPART's proposed approach to the review and seeks feedback from the community, including credits market participants, accredited assessors, brokers, ecologists, environmental researchers, local government authorities and...

Investigation into the conduct of the then Member of Parliament for Wagga Wagga and then Premier and others

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has found that the former premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, and the former Wagga Wagga MP, Daryl Maguire, have engaged in serious corrupt conduct.

Preparing for the future: learning from the impacts of the COVID-19 response on older people, people with disability and carers in NSW

This background paper reviews key published evidence regarding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on older people, people with disability, and carers in New South Wales, in light of their increased risks of adverse outcomes.

“It should be easier to just exist”: how children and young people are impacted by and responding to the rising cost of living in NSW

The rising cost of living has been a core concern across government, media, and among communities for several years. It has also been an increasing concern for children and young people. This report presents interim findings, as part of a broader piece of work ACYP...
Case study

Broken promises, blame games and balconies

This report is a case study providing insights into the lived experience that many apartment owners suffer in buildings with defects. It comes three years into the building reforms being implemented in New South Wales to lift the compliance of and public confidence in residential...
Draft report

Independent review of Safework NSW: interim report

This review is examining SafeWork NSW’s performance of its regulatory functions, including educational functions, under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This interim report summarises the scope of the review in response to specific public criticisms.

Natural disasters: strategies and responses

Planning for natural disasters and dealing with their aftermath involve input from federal, state and local governments, emergency agencies, non-government organisations and affected communities. This paper focuses on the ‘black summer’ bushfire season of 2019-20 and major flooding in 2022 in New South Wales.
Policy report

Regional migration and settlement: putting down roots to revitalise regional communities in Australia

While government policies have helped to increase the initial settlement of migrants and refugees in regional areas, helping newcomers and local receiving communities develop lasting ties remains a challenge. The paper shines a light on policy solutions to address this issue.

The energy transition: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation

This paper provides an overview of the national electricity market and its complex regulatory and operational framework. It also identifies trends and risks across the electricity supply chain, explores recent electricity price rises, and sets out the Australian and New South Wales government's reform programs.