Edward Cavanough


Initial assessment of the impact of a COVID-19 induced economic downturn on NSW and Australian workers

This publication collates data on immediately impacted cohorts of the labour market who are already being adversely impacted by a collapse in aggregate demand resulting from strict policy responses to COVID-19, such as social distancing and travel restrictions.

Opportunities in change: responding to the future of work

The nature of work in Australia is rapidly changing as technology drives innovation. This report provides a snapshot of today’s Australian labour market, the forces that are shaping it, and the blind-spots that need to be addressed if we are to succeed in a competitive...

Islands of opportunity: stepping up to the Pacific's energy challenge

Seven million people in the Pacific have no electricity. Those who do are largely reliant on expensive, diesel-fuelled power. This report argues that Australia’s new commitments to the region should focus on this challenge, and that doing so can provide new economic opportunities for Australia’s...
Discussion paper

The economic impacts of the Australian Investment Guarantee

This discussion paper explores the economic impact of the Australian Investment Guarantee, an economic policy initiative of the Australian Labor Party that they are taking to the 2019 federal election.
Discussion paper

Fork in the road: the impact of the two major parties’ penalty rate policies in the 2019 federal election

This report forecasts the impact on workers' incomes over the next term of parliament under the two major parties' respective penalty rates policies.
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