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Silicosis and the manufactured stone industry: an update

The NSW Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice is currently examining the management of silicosis in the manufactured stone industry as part of its annual review of the NSW Dust Diseases Scheme. This e-brief is a modified version of a paper that the...
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Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Consent Reforms) Bill 2021

This paper provides a brief overview of the current law in NSW in relation to sexual consent, as well as some background to the proposed reforms.
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Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 (NSW): a comparison with legislation in other states

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 was introduced in the Parliament of NSW by Independent MP, Alex Greenwich, on 14 October 2021. This paper considers the Bill, especially its provisions concerning eligibility criteria, the process involved, safeguards and allowance for conscientious objection. It includes a...
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Funding opportunities for community groups

Members of Parliament regularly receive inquiries directly, or through their electorate offices, about funding opportunities for community groups. This guide is designed to assist MPs and their electorate office staff to respond to these requests.
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JobSeeker recipients by NSW electorate (Jul 2021)

The NSW Parliamentary Research Service has published this set of interactive tables and graphs showing July 2021 JobSeeker data for NSW and all 93 NSW electorates.