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Petroleum exploration permit 11 (PEP 11): recent developments

​This paper provides some background information on PEP 11 and an overview of the current regulatory framework.

Rural and regional development in NSW in the aftermath of COVID-19

This paper reviews recent demographic shifts in rural and regional New South Wales. It examines how the pandemic disrupted pre-COVID migration trends and looks forward to 2030, identifying key population debates of relevance to New South Wales.
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Unemployment and JobSeeker estimates (March 2023)

The NSW Parliamentary Research Service has published the latest unemployment and JobSeeker estimates for all 93 NSW electorates (March 2023).
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NSW electorate profiles: 2021 Census - cultural diversity

This portal provides the most easily accessible cultural diversity data from the Census for New South Wales electorates as redistributed in 2021.

Reducing incarceration of Aboriginal people: challenges and choices

This paper presents an update on factors driving over-representation of Aboriginal people in prison in New South Wales and current efforts to reduce it. It outlines public discussions on alternatives to imprisonment and recaps key inquiry recommendations on how to reduce Aboriginal incarceration.