Lenny Roth

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Criminalising coercive control in the context of domestic and family violence: key sources

In recent years, several countries have introduced new offences to criminalise coercive control in the context of domestic and family violence. This paper provides a brief overview and a list of key sources that discuss the issue of criminalising coercive control.
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NSW and Commonwealth Government funding responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

Australian governments have announced extraordinary funding measures in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. ​The measures have aimed to boost the health system, support the economy, and assist households and vulnerable groups in the community. This paper outlines NSW government funding measures. It also summarises...
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Right to farm laws: an update

This issues backgrounder updates the 2015 e-brief 'Right to farm laws', focusing primarily on significant developments in Australia.
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Uranium mining and nuclear energy in New South Wales

The main focus of this paper is to provide Members of Parliament and the New South Wales public with an overview of the key issues surrounding uranium mining and nuclear energy in NSW.
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Adult safeguarding laws: reviewing the proposal for a NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner

This e-brief begins by looking at the prevalence of abuse of older people and adults with disability. It then outlines existing NSW agencies that play a role in protecting these groups from abuse and also considers NSW and national review recommendations to establish agencies to...