Tom Gotsis

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NSW school education: PISA 2018, socioeconomic background and proposals for reform

This Issues Backgrounder discusses Australia’s and NSW’s performance in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). It also discusses recent proposals for reform of NSW school education.
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Uranium mining and nuclear energy in New South Wales

The main focus of this paper is to provide Members of Parliament and the New South Wales public with an overview of the key issues surrounding uranium mining and nuclear energy in NSW.
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Drug use at music festivals

Drug use at music festivals has become a public safety concern in NSW, one that has led to a number of deaths in recent years. This paper provides an overview of the main recommendations of the Expert Panel report entitled Keeping People Safe at Music...
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Exotic animals in circuses

This e-brief discusses the Exhibited Animals Protection Amendment (Prohibitions on Exhibition) Bill 2018, which was introduced into the New South Wales Legislative Council on 25 October 2018 by Mark Pearson MLC, of the Animal Justice Party. The object of the Bill is to prohibit the...
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A statistical snapshot of crime and justice in New South Wales

This paper collates recent statistical information on crime rates, victims, offenders, policing, juvenile justice, criminal courts and corrections in New South Wales. It is designed to provide an evidence base to inform public discussion and policy development.