Targeting support for rural communities in the COVID-19 recovery

No New Zealand region will escape the current economic downturn, but some rural communities will face bigger impacts than others. This report looks at how to identify and target support at communities most affected by COVID-19.

Frontier firms: an international small advanced economy perspective

The aim of this paper is to offer some perspectives on the type of policy interventions that will lead to material improvement in New Zealand’s productivity. New Zealand’s small size – and a small number of large or high growth firms – makes it feasible...
Briefing paper

Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand and the intergenerational effects of incarceration

This report looks at the need to address and prevent intergenerational effects of incarceration of Indigenous peoples.

Short report: social isolation, loneliness and COVID-19

This short report presents key insights about those at risk of social isolation and loneliness from a literature review and descriptive analysis of the 2018 New Zealand General Social Survey. Specifically, insights are drawn about the effects this risk has on wellbeing and the likely...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does ANZUS commit the US to come to Australia's aid, as Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims at the heart of the ANZUS treaty is a commitment for signatories to come to one another's aid in the worst of times.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Could asylum seekers travelling from New Zealand obtain a visa on arrival in Australia?

Asked whether he would consider a New Zealand offer to resettle asylum seekers from Nauru and Manus Island, Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton said the plan would be a "complete disaster", and claimed people smugglers would target New Zealand because

Enterprise resilience: boosting your corporate immune system

The authors of this report argue that successful enterprise resilience initiatives require an approach that’s broader than traditional business continuity planning or disaster recovery, and permeates through all areas of the business across People, Processes & Operations, Technology & Cyber, Physical Assets & Facilities and...

The trust imperative: why customer experience in government matters

This report explores practical ways that Australian and New Zealand governments can increase the trust and confidence of their customers in a sustainable way that increases engagement and reduces cost.

New Zealand’s place in the world: the implications of COVID-19

The third report in this series discusses how New Zealand can leverage its high international standing and hopefully COVID-19-free status for economic and diplomatic advantage. The insights from this paper have been informed by two focus groups comprising experts in domestic and international trade, diplomacy...

The future is now: implications of COVID-19 for New Zealand

The first report in this series focuses on the long-term challenges and opportunities posed by COVID-19, and how New Zealand’s future can be shaped in an informed and inclusive way.