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Future-proofing safety: COVID-19 and family violence in Victoria 2020-2021

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Nina Logan, Riley Ellard, Matilda Simpson, Hemei Fong, Emily Stevens, Ellen Poyner, Madeline Gibson, Samara Young, Eliza Hew, John De Maio, Zeina Jamaleddine, Erin Soutter, Susan Maury, Erin Price, Helen Forster, Rae Kaspiew, Briony Horsfall, Louise Falconer, Livia La Rocca, Zara Lasater
This is the final report for the 'Future-proofing Safety' project, funded by Family Safety Victoria. The report highlights the significant challenges and specific opportunities for services and clients that emerged during COVID-19. These include elevated client risk and need, changed service responses, gaps and weaknesses...
Research Summary

Parents’ welfare receipt and their children’s employment and education outcomes

This snapshot shows that children who grow up with a parent receiving welfare payments (especially for longer total durations) are themselves at risk of not being in education, employment or training at age 18–19. This finding presents several implications for Australian policy and practice.
Literature review

Coercive control literature review: final report

Other authors
Jasmine B. MacDonald, Jade McEwen, Melissa Willoughby
This report presents a literature review on coercive control in the context of domestic and family violence, with a particular focus on the understanding of, and responses to coercive control in the Australian context.

Reproductive coercion and abuse

Reproductive coercion and abuse (RCA) refers to any deliberate attempt to dictate a person’s reproductive choices or interfere with their reproductive autonomy. This practice guide is for non-specialist practitioners working in areas that increase the likelihood of exposure to women experiencing RCA but do not...

Employment patterns and trends for families with children

This report finds that women are increasingly remaining employed when they take time off to have a baby, demonstrating the uptake of parental leave in recent years.