Child Family Community Australia


Working together to keep children and families safe

This practice paper focuses on improving cross-sectoral relationships between child protection and child and family welfare practitioners, who are often required to work together to keep children and families safe. This paper aims to build practitioners' collaborative competence.

Client violence towards workers in the child, family and community welfare sector

This paper explores the prevalence and presentation of client violence towards workers, considering any violent or aggressive behaviour from clients, direct associates of clients, and friends or family members of clients. It compares current research to official data reports, and considers why there might be...

Therapeutic residential care services in Australia: a description of current service characteristics

This paper provides a snapshot of current practice of therapeutic residential care services conducted in Australia. It reports on the results of an online survey of Australian services, describing their configuration, characteristics and activities. It also summarises the views of services and discusses issues for...
Briefing paper

Australian legal definitions: when is a child in need of protection?

This CFCA resource sheet provides information for practitioners and researchers on legal definitions of when a child is in need of protection for each Australian jurisdiction. It brings together information from various sources to provide an accessible single reference guide for practitioners and researchers.

Elder abuse: key issues and emerging evidence

This paper provides an overview of elder abuse in Australia. It discusses key issues involved in how elder abuse is defined and examines its prevalence, impact and associated risk factors, with a focus on implications of recent research for policy and practice.