Deakin University


Benchmarking impact: Australian impact investor insights, activity and performance report 2020

This report brings together two flagship pieces of research focused on the Australian impact investment market: the 2020 Australian Impact Investment Survey and the 2020 Australian Impact Investment Activity and Performance study.

Improving educational connection for young people in custody: final report

The purpose of this study was to examine how education operates for young people in Victoria who have been remanded into custody or who have received custodial sentences. The study aimed to identify how improvements could be made to further support education inside custody.
Conference paper

Analysis of three Twitter hashtags for discussion of personal electronic health records

Electronic health records are an important e-health technology that have the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and quality of health services. However, the implementation of electronic health records has had mixed success internationally. Increasingly, governments, health service providers, and the public are turning to...

Policies for tackling obesity and creating healthier food environments: 2019 progress update Australian governments

Unhealthy diets and obesity are leading contributors to poor health in Australia. This report argues that addressing obesity and improving population diets requires a comprehensive government response at Commonwealth and State and Territory levels.

Islamophobia in Australia 2014-2016

This report captures and critically analyses data collected by the Islamophobia Register of Australia reflecting Australian Muslims' lived Islamophobic experiences.