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Corporate energy transition: legal tools for shifting companies towards clean energy practices

This research recognises that changes in the energy systems to reduce climate risks cannot be achieved by government policy alone. The private sector and corporations, especially large corporate emitters, have an important role to play.

Disability support workers: the forgotten workforce during COVID-19

This research report describes the findings from a national survey of 357 disability support workers (DSWs) conducted online between May and June 2020.

Developing and implementing an approach to regional innovation and development in Gippsland, Victoria (2018-2020)

The rationale for this project was to explore a novel approach to regional development in Australia, based on an approach developed by the European Union.
Discussion paper

Doing research differently: archiving and sharing qualitative data in studies of childhood, education and youth

This discussion paper explores directions and dilemmas in the archiving and sharing of qualitative research, taking a specific focus on studies of childhood, education and youth, predominantly from across the social sciences.

Supporting vulnerable children in the face of a pandemic

This paper particularly focuses on factors that will impede access to quality education, of the effects on the more vulnerable groups, and it outlines models of support and recovery that evidence suggests are useful.

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