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The rights of older persons: protection and gaps under human rights law

Throughout the world, large numbers of older persons face challenges such as discrimination, poverty and abuse that severely restrict their human rights and their contribution to society. The world has not been quick to respond: a lack of political will and the prioritisation of the...

Activating states: transforming the delivery of 'welfare to work' services in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands

The frontline delivery of welfare-to-work services for the unemployed has changed significantly over the past ten years in response to structural and ideological pressures. Using benchmark data collected ten years ago, the Activating States project aims to analyse whether and how the activation of welfare...

‘Yes we can’: identity politics and project politics for a late-modern world

There is widespread agreement in mainstream participation studies that social capital and civic engagement in Western democracies are in decline. So how did Barack Obama mobilise tens of millions of volunteers and supporters for his campaign? This was against all scientific odds and statistics. Part...
Conference paper

Recognizing resilience and rights

This paper discusses challenging and disconnected dialogue in Australia around human rights and how this dialogue intersects with public policy paradigms. As we begin a national consultation about whether or not we should finally catch up with other western democracies and accept the notion of...

Beyond closing the gap: valuing diversity in Indigenous Australia

In his Apology speech the Prime Minister attempted to balance the symbolic with the practical while emphasising that ‘business as usual’ is not working. Ultimately though, the 'Closing the Gap' approach is business as usual that fails to value Indigenous difference and fails to accommodate...