Simon Biggs


Dementia in the public domain: voice and age-based perspectives on dementia, social disadvantage and public health campaigning

This report is for people interested in the public perception of dementia and how campaigning can better reflect key perspectives on dementia as a social issue.

The organisation of risk: how do dementia care providers adapt to regulation?

The relationship between regulation, care provision and risk has been an area of continuing policy debate. How dementia care providers handle regulation contributes to the quality of dementia care and the monitoring and enforcement of care standards.

Misattention and problem solving in interactions between care workers and dementia care residents

The interaction of personal care workers with residents is the focus of this short report from research about regulation and dementia care.
Journal article

Adapting to an ageing society

In 2050 the global population aged over 60 will reach two billion, making this age group three times larger than it was in 2000. This is a challenge that is facing both mature and emerging economies. The debate on the future shape of a long...
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A tool for audience design

We start from the premise that the active involvement of media audiences is a powerful tool for enhancing their experience. Therefore, it is plausible to think that it also has the potential to enhance their engagement with content, brand and creators.