Jon Altman

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Jon C. Altman

Linking Indigenous communities with regional development: Australia overview

This report discusses key issues in demography, governance and policy, as they relate to Indigenous peoples in Australia. It focuses on the ‘governance of government’, including the difficult institutional environment that many Indigenous communities and organisations face.
Journal article

Roadmap to recovery: reporting on a research taskforce supporting Indigenous responses to COVID‐19 in Australia

This paper presents an overview of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander COVID‐19 Advisory Group's recommendations to the COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery report.

Remote Indigenous Australia’s ecological economies give us something to build on

This article explores Aboriginal Australia's holistic focus of maintaining environment while maintaining a thriving economy, and how policy and practice could benefit from this more sustainable approach.

Labour lines and Colonial power: Indigenous and Pacific Islander labour mobility in Australia

This book argues that both Pacific Islanders and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands peoples made purposeful migrations to find work, reflective of rich cultures and histories of mobility.
Journal article

Health-promoting food pricing policies and decision-making in very remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community stores in Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote communities in Australia experience a disproportionate burden of diet-related chronic disease. This paper describes health-promoting food pricing policies, their alignment with evidence, and the decision-making processes entailed in their development in community stores across very remote...