Julie Brimblecombe

Journal article

Co-creation, co-design, co-production for public health: a perspective on definition and distinctions

The terms ‘co-creation’, ‘co-design’ and ‘co-production’ have been used interchangeably to describe the development of initiatives involving multiple stakeholders. While commonalities exist across these concepts, they have essential distinctions for public health, particularly related to the role of stakeholders and the extent and timing of...
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Supporting healthy drink choices in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: a community‐led supportive environment approach

Abstract:The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey found more than half (56%) of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants had consumed a sugary drink in the day prior to interview, compared to 42% of other Australians. Consumption of sugary drinks...
Journal article

Health-promoting food pricing policies and decision-making in very remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community stores in Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote communities in Australia experience a disproportionate burden of diet-related chronic disease. This paper describes health-promoting food pricing policies, their alignment with evidence, and the decision-making processes entailed in their development in community stores across very remote...

Keeping track of healthy food: monitoring and planning for better nutrition

This report provides a rationale for key indicators designed to monitor the nutritional quality of food available through remote community stores. It provides a framework for the use of these indicators and makes recommendations for its future development. The remote community store is considered a...