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The availability and promotion of low-alcohol beverages in licensed venues: an environmental audit on the Gold Coast, Australia

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Ben Desbrow
This study explores the availability, visibility, advertising and promotion of low-alcohol products at licensed venues, through an audit of licensed venues in four entertainment locations in the popular tourist destination of the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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Lung cancer screening: the hidden public health emergency

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Billie Bonevski, Nicole Rankin
Lung cancer screening (LCS) in high-risk populations using low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) could potentially save thousands of lives per year by shifting the stage at diagnosis to early curable disease.
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Improving health literacy: how to succeed

In this editorial, Professor Don Nutbeam argues that health literacy isn't 'failing' people. Rather, government inaction, poor quality health communication and complexity in our health services and information environments make it very difficult for the majority of people to find, understand, appraise and use the...
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Is the evidence-based medicine movement counter-productive: are randomised controlled trials the best approach to establish evidence in complex healthcare situations?

This paper examines the role of research that seeks to obtain evidence to support evidence-based medicine (EBM), using a case study of research into ear disease in Aboriginal populations, and suggested that in complex situations, perhaps randomised controlled trials are not the answer.
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Improving colonoscopy prioritisation and promoting the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program: keys to reducing bowel cancer burden

The authors of this article assert that Australia’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) has the potential to prevent almost 84,000 bowel cancer deaths if 60% program participation rates could be reached and maintained over the next two decades.
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