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Anita Dessaix

Journal article

Changes in public support for alcohol policies in NSW, Australia, 2013–2019

Alcohol contributes to significant health, social and economic burdens worldwide, but evidence-based policy options can reduce the harm associated with alcohol use. The aim of this paper is to understand factors influencing public support for various alcohol policies in New South Wales, and to determine...
Journal article

Accessing the most lethal product on the market: community perceptions of tobacco accessibility in NSW, Australia

This study aims to describe the perceived ease of accessing tobacco retail outlets in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and the sociodemographic factors associated with reported higher density of tobacco retail outlets.
Journal article

Factors influencing reductions in smoking among Australian adolescents

This article provides an overview of price and recent tax measures to reduce the demand for tobacco, the evolution of smoke-free environment policies, changes to tobacco labelling and packaging, public education campaigns, and restrictions to curb tobacco advertising.