Becky Freeman

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Reigniting tobacco control: returning Australia to the front of the pack

This article raises concerns about growing use of e-cigarettes, warning that vaping importers and retailers are exploiting an exemption for non-nicotine products in regulations, and nicotine-containing products are masquerading as non-nicotine products.
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Accessing the most lethal product on the market: community perceptions of tobacco accessibility in NSW, Australia

This study aims to describe the perceived ease of accessing tobacco retail outlets in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and the sociodemographic factors associated with reported higher density of tobacco retail outlets.
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Interview with Verity Firth: commercial interests and public health policy

Governments seeking to implement public health policy often face intense lobbying from industries vying to protect commercial interests. This article outlines some insights into ways in which governments can strike the right balance to deliver better health and social outcomes, and how public health advocates...
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Philip Morris International’s use of Facebook to undermine Australian tobacco control laws

The borderless nature of the internet, coupled with narrow defnitions of advertising and interference, means the tobacco industry still uses online and social media to sell and promote its products, highlight supposed corporate social responsibility practices, and challenge public health views and policies.
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Using Facebook to recruit for a public health campaign evaluation

This paper reports on the researchers' use of Facebook as a recruitment tool for the evaluation of a public health campaign by the New South Wales (NSW) Government in Australia, the Make healthy normal (MHN) Facebook page.