Jenny M. Lewis

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Understanding, measuring, and encouraging public policy research impact

This article provides a conceptual framework for understanding, measuring, and encouraging research impact for academics. Although not alone in seeking to impact public policy with their research, academics are under-utilised creators of knowledge.
Journal article

Enlisting the support of trusted sources to tackle policy problems: the case of antimicrobial resistance

The capacity of governments can be constrained by low levels of public trust. This stands in contrast to ‘medical scientists’ who are generally highly trusted by the public. This article tests to what extent trusted sources can alter attitudes towards a policy proposal to regulate...

Mapping public sector innovation units in Australia and New Zealand: 2018 survey report

This report, based on a survey of public sector innovation (PSI) units in Australia and New Zealand undertaken in February 2018, suggests that the actual number of PSI units worldwide may be significantly higher than previously thought.
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What makes governments innovative?

Amidst all the enthusiasm for 'innovation,' there is only limited understanding of what makes governments innovative. What factors support public sector innovation?

Activating states: transforming the delivery of 'welfare to work' services in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands

The frontline delivery of welfare-to-work services for the unemployed has changed significantly over the past ten years in response to structural and ideological pressures. Using benchmark data collected ten years ago, the Activating States project aims to analyse whether and how the activation of welfare...