Emma Blomkamp

Journal article

Innovation labs and co-production in public problem solving

This study examines how innovation labs are enhancing policy capacity through collaborative and citizen-centred approaches to policy design. It examines their relationships to government and their promotion of citizen participation in public problem solving.

Mapping public sector innovation units in Australia and New Zealand: 2018 survey report

This report, based on a survey of public sector innovation (PSI) units in Australia and New Zealand undertaken in February 2018, suggests that the actual number of PSI units worldwide may be significantly higher than previously thought.

The rise of Public Sector Innovation labs

Governments are turning to public sector innovation labs to take new approaches to policy and service design.

Graffiti vandalism prevention: insights and case studies

Auckland Council commissioned innovate change to lead a social innovation process to develop a new education programme for graffiti vandalism prevention in 2014. This work supports Auckland Council’s vision of a city free of graffiti vandalism. Graffiti vandalism refers to writing, drawing, painting, spraying or...
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