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Public displays of affection: how can artists rebrand soft power?

This publication reports on a conference that explored the relationship of arts and cultural initiatives to soft-power agendas which, along with ‘market’ and ‘audience development,’ often underpin the Australian government’s investment in international arts activities.

A new style, a new era: Australia and the South Korean success story

When a music video produced by a locally familiar but internationally obscure figure from Gangnam, Seoul, becomes a global craze – now the most-watched YouTube video in history with more than 800 million views – this tells us something about the modern South Korea. ‘Gangnam...

Stopping the boats? Only if we cooperate with our neighbours

John Buckley, formerly Australia's Ambassador for People Smuggling Issues, stresses that Australia cannot cope with irregular migration on its own. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are already particularly important in controlling the flow of asylum seekers to Australia, but receive very little credit. As the government...

We cannot be just deputy sheriff in the 'Asian century'

With the government's White Paper on 'Australia in the Asian Century' imminent, Anthony Milner argues Australia must focus on more than our US alliance and China. We have never been a mere 'deputy sheriff' and this needs to be made especially clear today. Closer identification...

PwC Melbourne Institute Asialink index 2010

Provides Australia's first comprehensive view of how the most difficult year of recent times - in economic terms at least - has impacted on Australia-Asia engagement. The PwC Melbourne Institute Asialink Index is the first multi-indicator measure of engagement between Asia and Australia. The Index...