Caroline Fleay


The regional impacts of Australian asylum seeker policies: what "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum

To date, relatively little attention has been given to the experience of people seeking asylum being 'warehoused' in our region. While the policies of the country in which they are residing also impact on their experiences, it is clear from researchers, non-government organisations (NGOs) that...

Policy as punishment: asylum seekers in the community without the right to work

Introduction: This research paper details the experiences of 29 asylum seekers who were released from immigration detention in Australia into community-based arrangements with no right to work and limited entitlements. All of the men and women interviewed for this research arrived to Australia by boat...

Released but not yet free: refugees and asylum seekers in the community after long-term detention

This paper explores the experiences of asylum seekers released into the community after long-term immigration detention in Australia. The men interviewed were all asylum seekers who had arrived to Australia by boat in 2010 and had been in detention between 15 – 25 months.

Who’s afraid of human rights?

Fears that such a rights charter would infringe our liberties ignore the voices of the vulnerable and dispossessed, writes Caroline Fleay