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Australian Policy Online


The Hazelwood early retirement scheme: history is repeating itself

The Victorian government’s announcement of an early retirement scheme aimed at redeploying some workers (losing their jobs due to the Hazelwood power station closure) to another power generator in the Latrobe Valley has been welcomed in many quarters. The early retirement approach to large-scale job...

ABC restructure good for regions, but we now need to understand more about the media terrain

The ABC’s decision this week to reinvigorate regional journalism is a positive step. The challenge now is to embed journalists where they are needed most. This will be no easy feat for city-based ABC managers trying to navigate regional and rural Australia’s changing, uneven and...

The ACT election 2016: back to the future?

This resource is a summary of the outcome of the ACT election, held in October 2016.
Case study

A bit of housing justice - the story of HomeGround Real Estate

This case study explores HomeGround Real Estate, an innovative model of delivering affordable housing pioneered by HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing) in Victoria. It provides insights into the conditions which foster innovation in the not-for-profit sector and the challenges of growing a profit-for-purpose entity whilst...

Existing shield laws do little to protect Australians, or our democracy

This article argues for better 'shield laws' which are designed to protect journalists from forced disclosure of confidential sources and information. They attempt to mediate the conflict between a journalist wanting to protect their sources and a court needing the relevant evidence before it.