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Briefing paper

China and the challenge to global order

The authors of this paper argue that while China poses a modest security threat to the United States, it does pose a major challenge to the overall global economic and political order.

Key tensions in refugee education

Globally, education is in crisis, with steep inequities, low learning outcomes, irrelevant content and ineffective learning and teaching strategies in many settings. This paper is intended for refugee education donors, policy-makers and implementers, and aims to inform policy dialogue.
Working paper

Public investment must be paired with regulation to stop climate change

Climate policy has entered a new era, as public investment increasingly moves to centre stage. While essential for decarbonisation, public investment is not enough—the carrots of investment need to go hand in hand with regulatory sticks. This paper advances our understanding of how to tie...

Global AI cooperation on the ground: AI research and development on a global scale

This paper recommends that Forum for Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) governments, stakeholders and other likeminded entities prioritise cooperative research and development efforts on deployment of artificial intelligence as a tool for climate change monitoring and management and accelerating development and adoption of privacy enhancing...
Policy report

Why climate policy scenarios are important, how to use them, and what has been learned

In response to climate uncertainty, researchers, businesses and policy-makers are turning to scenario analysis. The authors of this paper argue that greater use of models will help policy-makers understand the range of uncertainties and the sensitivity of policy outcomes, based on different model assumptions.

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