United Nations Environment Programme

Position paper

Working with the environment to protect people: UNEP’s COVID-19 response

COVID-19 shows that the health of people and the planet are one and the same. The planet has delivered its strongest warning to date that humanity must change. The UNEP believes it has a duty to help nations build back better after the pandemic to...

Mineral resource governance in the 21st century

This report maps existing international governance frameworks and initiatives which have overlapping subsets that focus on delivering the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development. It presents the practical actions required to improve the international governance architecture for mining to enhance its contribution towards sustainable development.

The Production Gap: 2019 report

Though coal, oil, and gas are the central drivers of climate change, they are rarely the subject of international climate policy and negotiations. This report aims to expand that discourse and provide a metric for assessing how far the world is from production levels that...

Safe climate: a report of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment

This is a report of good practices demonstrating that effective actions are available to simultaneously address climate change and protect human rights. Drawn from every continent and featuring more than 60 states and a wide range of actors, the good practices in this report are...

Lessons from a decade of emissions gap assessments

This report finds that the last ten years have, in some ways, been a lost decade of climate action. Greenhouse gas emissions have only grown, and faster and deeper cuts are now urgently needed.