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Jason Prior

Conference paper

What types of evidence are available for translating health evidence into planning strategies for higher density living? A review of the literature

Despite abundant knowledge and research highlighting the significance of urban planning for improving health outcomes, there remains an absence of understanding of how health evidence can be translated into planning policy and practice, particularly for higher density urban development. This paper presents the findings of...
Journal article

Built environment interventions for human and planetary health: integrating health in climate change adaptation and mitigation

Built environment interventions must move beyond simple ecological sustainability to encouraging ways of life that are healthy for both humans and the planet. There are key challenges facing this new approach.
Conference paper

From liability to value: analysis of land remediation decision-making processes in two Australian cities

This paper explores how the remediation decision-making process (RDMP) for contaminated urban land in Australian cities currently creates outcomes that are valued in different ways by different stakeholders.
Conference paper

Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in Sydney

The sex industry in Sydney is currently regulated through all levels of Australian government. New South Wales is seen as leading the charge within Australia for its neoliberal market model of occupational and premises regulation.
Conference paper

Experiencing the toxic city: effects of contamination and its remediation on individuals and communities in urban Australia

International research suggests that the health impacts for individuals and communities living near contaminated sites are significant and complex and extend beyond the risk of immediate physical harm to impact on the psychological health of both individuals and communities.