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Spike Boydell

Conference paper

How common – sex, malls, and urban parks

This paper engages creative non-fiction to introduce challenging and politically charged issues. It navigates through such tensions by way of a narrative, to give meaning, depth and context by offering a more accessible engagement to the complex real property rights that confront us in the...
Conference paper

The republic and its impact on property rights in Sydney

This paper offers a theoretical inquiry into the institutional arrangements to enable an innovative land restitution model for Sydney within a new Republic, by vesting the superior interest in land (and buildings thereon) in the stewardship of the customary indigenous guardians (rather than the State...
Conference paper

Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in Sydney

The sex industry in Sydney is currently regulated through all levels of Australian government. New South Wales is seen as leading the charge within Australia for its neoliberal market model of occupational and premises regulation.
Conference paper

The Contemporary Commons: Understanding Competing Property Rights

The city comprises a milieu of competing and complementary property rights, ranging from the individual to the communal. Whilst property rights provide a coherent legal, economic and social framework for the relationship between people, place and property, they are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by the...