Stuart White

Discussion paper

Urban water futures: trends and potential disruptions

The drought is over, and this is now an ideal time to reflect, to take stock of where the industry is at, to scan the trends, disruptions and innovation opportunities that lie ahead, to imagine what the water industry could look like in the next...
Conference paper

Integrating Population, Land-Use, Transport, Water and Energy-Use Models to Improve the Sustainability of Urban Systems

The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research. This paper was presented at SOAC 3 held in Adelaide from 28 to 30 November 2007. SOAC 3 was jointly hosted by the University of...

The Canberra least cost planning case study

This paper provides details of a preliminary least cost planning assessment carried out for Canberra, as part of the development of a fifty-year Water Resources Strategy. In the assessment a suite of options consisting of demand management, source substitution, reuse and supply were developed to...

Results of the largest residential demand management program in Australia

This paper provides details and the results of an evaluation study carried out on the largest residential demand management program in Australia, the Sydney Water Corporation's 'Every Drop Counts' residential retrofit program. The evaluation measured the water savings of program participants and compared them to...

Integrated resource planning for transport: asking better questions

Current transport planning methods do not deliver accessibility in a sustainable way - a phenomenon illustrated by the dominance of road construction as a means to provide access in cities. Sally Campbell and Stuart White propose a comprehensive evaluation methodology for investment decisions aimed at...