Glen Searle

Conference paper

Infrastructure governance: major gaps for Australian research and beyond

To inform and ground the development of robust research and policy reflection on infrastructure governance in Australian cities, a systematic literature review was performed to understand the prevailing state of literature.

Population growth, regional connectivity, and city planning — international lessons for Australian practice

This research investigates the potential for Australia’s regional areas to attract and sustain population and economic growth, examining whether particular international strategies and Australian models for supporting development have been effective.
Conference paper

Do the business cases for major Australian transport infrastructure adequately incorporate planning concerns?

In Australia, state and federal based infrastructure agencies require business cases to be developed to demonstrate that public investment decisions about major transport infrastructure projects are an economically efficient use of society’s resources.
Conference paper

City sizes and economic inequality: role for urban planning?

In this conference papwer, urban planning strategies that may help to counter inequality producing mechanisms are presented.

City planning suffers growth pains of Australia’s population boom

Australia has the highest rate of population growth of all the medium and large OECD countries. But urban planning for this growth is often inadequate.