Nancy Marshall

Conference paper

Urban parks and open space: underpinning a city's future resilience

As pressures of urban development and renewal impact the fabric of contemporary cities, parks and open space are increasingly under threat, which is compounded by the general lack of strategic open space planning at the state level. Simultaneously, as cities compete to attract global companies...
Conference paper

Public involvement online: planning meets Facebook and Twitter

This paper evaluates how these two social media platforms are used to inform or consult with different stakeholders and the public, and if used how, they can be true participation tools. An analysis of the literature and discourse relevant to both public involvement and social...
Conference paper

Seniors' playgrounds may never get old

This paper introduces the concept of seniors’ playgrounds, documents their brief history and provides some planning principles and considerations based on current practice.
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Green Burials in Australia and Their Planning Challenges

This paper briefly discusses the concept of death and burial practice in Australia. It defines green burials and uses a case study to showcase a NSW green burial site currently in operation. The paper argues that planning authorities and planners face real challenges with land...
Conference paper

Generation after generation: why and how we value open space

This paper presents a theoretical understanding of value and attachment to urban open space and further unpacks this understanding based on a contemporary Australian context using recent practical research completed in western Sydney.