Linda Corkery

Conference paper

Urban parks and open space: underpinning a city's future resilience

As pressures of urban development and renewal impact the fabric of contemporary cities, parks and open space are increasingly under threat, which is compounded by the general lack of strategic open space planning at the state level. Simultaneously, as cities compete to attract global companies...
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Re-imagining the relationship between the design and management of the built environment and ecology

Urban development and renewal is changing the shape and composition of Australian cities, putting increasing pressure on biodiversity, water resources, and human health and well-being. As our cities intensify and expand, there will be further losses to the number and diversity of species and habitats...
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Envisioning urban futures with children and young people

The needs of children and young people living in cities are considerable and extend well beyond parks, playgrounds and skateboard facilities.
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Ageing in place: providing supportive environments for older men

This paper focuses on findings from individual neighbourhood ‘walking interviews’ with five older men. The aim is to explore the men’s perspectives about the environmental components that make urban neighbourhoods desirable places in which to live. This research is part of a larger study on...
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Generation after generation: why and how we value open space

This paper presents a theoretical understanding of value and attachment to urban open space and further unpacks this understanding based on a contemporary Australian context using recent practical research completed in western Sydney.