Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute


Financing first home ownership: opportunities and challenges

This final inquiry report examines the challenges of financing to buy a first home. It incorporates four supporting research projects and focuses on socio-economic developments and policy settings that impact access to home ownership.

Crisis accommodation in Australia: now and for the future

This research explores the different crisis accommodation models operating in Australia, as well as the different approaches to case management and key principles for ensuring a supportive built environment. It documents what works and what doesn’t work, together with the needs and outcomes for those...

Mapping Australia’s older, low-income renters

This research provides a geographic and demographic picture of low-income renters in Australia aged 50+ as the basis to finding acceptable solutions to the challenges of population ageing and housing needs in the 21st Century.

Inquiry into housing policies and practices for precariously housed older Australians

The authors of this report assert that a lack of policy reform and action in Australia has resulted in increasing numbers of older people facing their later years living in precarious housing situations.

Transitions into home ownership: a quantitative assessment

This report analyses the economic constraints on people’s ability to buy a home in Australia over the four decades from the early 1980s. It also examines how home ownership has evolved over time; considers demand subsidies provided to first homebuyers; and examines the support from...