Wendy Stone

Associate Professor Wendy Stone leads the research group that was awarded the 2016 Vice Chancellor's Research Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding housing and urban research and its impact. Wendy is Academic Leader of the Housing Opportunity & Spatial Equity Theme within the Centre for Urban Transitions and is Director of the AHURI Swinburne Research Centre. Wendy holds numerous Category 1 competitive ARC and AHURI research grants and industry awards. She is leader of the annual national housing scholars' symposium, publishes for academic and community audiences, is engaged in policy development and debate in housing issues, is a regular media contributor and supervises higher degree research students. Specialising in the use of innovative quantitative and qualitative methodologies to address policy-oriented research questions, Wendy has an extensive policy-research record, most notably in the fields of family and community wellbeing, children/young people's housing, housing aspirations and innovative policies to address these, income, wealth and life-opporutnity inequalities and social inclusion/social capital. Previously, Wendy held senior positions at the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI Ltd). 

Effective downsizing options for older Australians

This research examined the extent to which downsizing forms part of older Australians’ housing preferences, the actual and perceived benefits of moving as well as the availability of downsize housing options. The research proposes a number of policy strategies for delivering housing alternatives to meet...

Young Australians and the housing aspirations gap

This research investigated the short and longer term housing aspirations and the housing aspirations gap among ‘emerging adults’ aged 18–24 years and ‘early adults’ aged 25–34 years, in order to better understand how their aspirations are linked to a ‘broader life project’ across areas such...

Older Australians and the housing aspirations gap

This research examined the housing aspirations of older Australians (i.e. aged 55 years and over), including home owners and renters in the private market and in social housing, to provide the evidence-base for policies needed to deliver their required housing and housing assistance.

The construction of social housing pathways across Australia

This report examines the role of policy in shaping social housing pathways through a review of current social housing operational policies. It considers application processes, eligibility criteria, rent, use of premises, tenant-initiated transfers, portfolio management and tenancy management by landlords.
Audio podcast

Time to rethink the Great Australian Dream

Homelessness is entrenched and many Australians face overwhelming housing costs, yet housing policy has slipped off the political agenda. In this discussion with Peter Clarke, housing specialists Wendy Stone and Peter Mares trace the rise and fall of housing policy in Australia, and how the...