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Socio-spatial patterns of the NBN rollout: it is worse than what you think

The purpose of this paper is to leverage basic data mining techniques, combined with census-based socio-spatial data (SEIFA), to uncover the geographic intricacies of the NBN at the metropolitan regions of Sydney and Melbourne. The findings in terms of the dominance of some of the...

Informal accommodation and vulnerable households: scale, drivers and policy responses in metropolitan Sydney

This report finds low-income and other vulnerable groups are being forced into informal housing arrangements, such as share accommodation. A chronic shortage of social and affordable housing means some people are forced to live in severely overcrowded situations that contravene planning and building regulations.
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Towards Gold Coast smart city: a combination of local planning priorities and international best practices

Smart cities are no longer limited to a handful of metropolitan branded cities; as a large number of mid-sized cities have now joined the trend to become smart. Australia has also introduced its Smart Cities Plan in 2016; emphasizing the opportunities and challenges Australian cities...
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Gold Coast light rail performance-based public private partnerships: an effective delivery model?

Light rail as a means for inner-city transit is undergoing a renaissance across Australia. Introducing a new mode of public transport, light rail projects can become catalytic agents for urban renewal. Unable or reluctant to deliver light rail infrastructure, Australian governments have turned to the...
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Spatial planning and high-speed broadband: Australia's National Broadband Network and metropolitan planning

The Australian government is constructing a National Broadband Network (NBN), which at an estimated cost of $43 billion will be Australia's largest ever infrastructure project. The NBN, if its full benefits are to be realized, raises a number of important, but largely unexplored, questions for...