Robyn Dowling

Conference paper

An investigation of the smart city development in India: multiscalar governance, fragmented planning and transformative opportunities for Australasia

This paper notes that scholars argue that smart city development in India and the Global South is disruptive because it has no predecessor to show us how. But examples from three Indian cities of Bhubaneswar, Pune and Chennai highlight the different ways in which smart...

Urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply in Australian cities and regions

This study examined relationships between urban productivity and affordable rental housing, focusing particularly on the availability of affordable housing relative to employment and labour markets in capital and satellite cities.

The role of energy storage in Australia's future energy supply mix

The project examines the scientific, technological, economic and social aspects of the role that energy storage can play in Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy to 2030, and beyond.
Conference paper

Governing carbon in the Australian city: local government responses

Drawing on recent research aimed to document urban carbon governance across Australia’s capital cities—in particular, an audit of carbon reduction initiatives across government, business and community actors at the urban scale—this paper explores urban local governments as sites of climate change response and experimentation.
Conference paper

The challenges of planning for autonomous mobility in Australia

This paper explores whether and how urban transport planning in Australia is recognising and governing ‘autonomous mobility’.