Pauline McGuirk

Conference paper

What lies beneath? Exploring the material influence of the underground on urban development in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Drawing on two case studies from the NSW Northern Coalfields, this paper considers economic value, government regulation, public perceptions, and urban development consequences, linking underground materiality with aboveground urban outcomes.
Conference paper

Governing carbon in the Australian city: local government responses

Drawing on recent research aimed to document urban carbon governance across Australia’s capital cities—in particular, an audit of carbon reduction initiatives across government, business and community actors at the urban scale—this paper explores urban local governments as sites of climate change response and experimentation.
Conference paper

What do publics want from the planning system?

Reforms of planning processes in Australia have been prefaced by assertions about what 'the public' wants from a planning system. In this paper, claims about public opinion, collected from media releases, forums, discussion papers, ministerial documents and legislation are analysed.
Conference paper

Building the capacity to govern the Australian metropolis: challenges and opportunities

This paper traces key policy challenges facing Australia’s metropolitan cities as a result of multiscaled shifts in their governance contexts.
Conference paper

Basing economy on materiality: An analysis of Sydney's freight flows

This paper is part of a systematic examination by the authors of Sydney’s changing political economy within its largely self-imposed globalisation agenda.