Michael Buxton

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Growing pains: the crisis in Melbourne’s growth area planning

This paper examines the governance failures which have led to this failure of planning in Melbourne’s growth areas. It shows that none of the objectives of the Victorian government’s Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines are being met and demonstrates how the design of residential areas and...
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New bushfire threats to peri-urban areas from climate change: challenges for land use planning

Illustrating the trend to increasing vulnerability, this paper examines two case studies, South Eastern Australia and California USA, examines the potential effectiveness of land use planning as a means of reducing bushfire risk and argues the need for anticipatory planning to prevent an expansion of...
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When system becomes strategy: next steps in Victorian neoliberal planning

The Victorian government released its 2017 Melbourne planning strategy at the same time it opened a tender to private providers for the development of a new planning system. This approach continues the trend by Australian state governments towards broad and often ineffectual strategies for capital...

This is how regional rail can help ease our big cities’ commuter crush

Some state governments are now investigating more integrated sectoral and spatial planning strategies, initially through shifting public sector jobs to regional centres.
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Alternative futures for Melbourne's peri-urban regions

Using a case study of Melbourne’s peri-urban region, this paper explores the capacity for regional growth under different spatial scenarios.