Centre for Urban Research (RMIT)


Balance Victoria: prospects for decentralisation

The aim of this review study is to assess the prospects for a formal decentralisation program for Victoria – based upon achieving planned new cities and disbursed growth to these new purpose-built regional cities.

Urban vegetation cover change in Melbourne: 2014-2018

This report focuses on the extent and change in the spatial distribution of vegetation across Melbourne between 2014 and 2018, reported against major land-use classes and against metropolitan sub-regions.

Understanding the assumptions and impacts of the Victorian Public Housing Renewal Program

This report, evaluating the Victorian government’s program to redevelop inner suburban public housing estates, says the plan may reduce the amount of homes available for vulnerable households.
Draft report

Engaging households towards the Future Grid: experiences, expectations and emerging trends (Interim Report)

This report summarises the findings from Stage 1 of the Future Grid Homes project, which involved in-depth and at-home interviews with 51 Australian households in five National Energy Market (NEM) states and territories (VIC, SA, NSW, ACT and QLD).
Working paper

Does information from Public Transport Victoria’s Journey Planner align with real life accessibility for people in wheelchairs?

The aim of this research is to examine the alignment of the real-life accessibility of train stations in Melbourne against the information provided by the Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner application.