Trivess Moore


Building a transition: innovative approaches to construction industry transformation towards a safer and more sustainable future

This report responds to the multiple challenges currently impacting Victoria’s building and construction industry including skills and labour shortages, supply shortages, price increases, significant workplace stress and mental health issues. It also sets out best-practice skills, practices and innovation being developed and applied in leading...

Informing a strategy for circular economy housing in Australia

The gravity and urgency of the climate emergency and the housing affordability crisis together warrant a significant, coordinated national effort to recalibrate the housing industry and ensure its sustainable future. This report informs a strategy to facilitate circular economy housing - from construction, through operation...

Building materials in a circular economy

Understanding the structure of building-material supply chains is essential for policy development seeking to reduce carbon intensity of new material choice and use in the housing industry. This research analyses the supply chains and regulatory settings applicable to manufactured building materials used by the residential...

Sustainable social housing retrofit? Circular economy and tenant trade-offs

This research examines the preferences and trade-offs of tenants during social housing retrofit programs, particularly in regard to implementing circular economy (CE) practices. The study looks beyond the relatively narrow consideration of energy efficiency, to respond to the broader requirements of the social housing sector—to...

Sustainable housing at a neighbourhood scale

This report investigates the challenges and opportunities that built environment professionals in Australia experience when planning, designing, and implementing sustainable housing developments at the neighbourhood scale. It also examines strategies and policy levers employed in case study eco-neighbourhoods from across Australia and Europe to inform...