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We’re still fighting city freeways after half a century

The link between public (and increasingly private) investment in mega-road projects and growing emissions appears to have escaped the attention of the processes that oversee public project decisions – panel hearings, ministerial processes and environmental impact assessments.

$500m for station car parks? Other transport solutions could do much more for the money

Half a billion dollars sounds like a lot of money, but that really depends on what you’re spending it on.
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Do the business cases for major Australian transport infrastructure adequately incorporate planning concerns?

In Australia, state and federal based infrastructure agencies require business cases to be developed to demonstrate that public investment decisions about major transport infrastructure projects are an economically efficient use of society’s resources (Infrastructure Australia, no date, Infrastructure Victoria, no date; Infrastructure NSW, 2012).
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Imagining transport futures and the geography of transport fortunes

This paper examines citizen resistance against two proposed inner city toll ways, and the reimagining of transport futures and prospects they inspired. The proposed East West Link was fiercely contested attracting considerable consternation from across multiple urban publics, extending beyond residents living within the corridor...
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Planning for disruptive transport technologies: how prepared are Australasian transport planning agencies?

This paper reports on new research to understand the preparedness of government planning agencies for the arrival of new technologies of automated private and public transport vehicles in Australasian cities. Already corporations are playing an increasing role in the shaping of Australian cities through their...
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