Understanding potential user needs

A survey analysis of the markets for Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal
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The iBRoad project aims to eliminate barriers to deep renovation by developing an Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single-family houses. The tool provides a customised renovation plan over a long-term period (10-20 years), which considers the occupants’ needs and specific situations (e.g. age, financial situation, composition and expected evolution of the household, etc.) and avoids the risk of ‘locking-out’ future renovation solutions due to a lack of foresight.

During the iBRoad project, the concept will be tested in three countries: Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal. In preparation for the testing, this analysis provides user-profiles and gathers knowledge of their needs, preferences, and trust in the pilot countries. Insights gathered will improve the understanding of the end-users and enable a more effective design of the individual building renovation roadmaps, tailored to the specific markets.

This Report based on a survey of 1500+ participants from Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal. This report highlights key findings from a set of qualitative interviews and a survey study conducted by Ipsos in Bulgaria, Poland, and Portugal. Decision-makers should consider the residents' viewpoints in future energy renovation projects.

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