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A scoping study on data sources to assess the impact of chronic respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions on workplace productivity

Chronic diseases Chronic pain Productivity Respiratory diseases Musculoskeletal conditions Australia
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Chronic conditions are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia and have lasting physical, psychological, social and financial impacts on individuals, communities and the health-care system. Productivity is a key area affected by chronic conditions—factors such as absenteeism, decreases in work performance due to illness, premature mortality, as well as the impact on study, recreation, and participation in and enjoyment of community life have been adversely linked to chronic conditions.

Respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions are 2 groups of chronic conditions associated with substantial productivity loss and activity impairment. This scoping study assesses the available data sources for monitoring the relationship between these chronic conditions and workforce productivity. Although many of the data sources identified were not primarily designed for monitoring these conditions, they do contain relevant data. The scoping study also discusses existing data deficiencies and gaps, and suggests future opportunities to fill these gaps.

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