Discussion paper

Australian orchestras – the state of play


Marshall McGuire  takes the artistic pulse of the Australian orchestral sector by reflecting on five keystones of what can make this art vibrant.

Marshall recommends the following in his paper.

  • Classical music needs to increase its profile in the national discussion about arts and culture. Beginning with a discussion within the sectors, and an annual roundtable conference of all interested stakeholders.
  • New music and new performance platforms for presenting concerts should be a priority for orchestras.
  • Active engagement of new and young audiences must be prioritised.
  • Career development for musicians needs greater attention and engagement.
  • New engagement with non-Western regions should be explored, to refresh the artform and connect with Australia’s diverse community.

It’s imperative for the orchestras’ future relevance and vitality that we, as a sector, talk about these issues and opportunities. We can lay the foundation now for a classical music sector that has a vital, respected and exciting role in Australia’s future artistic and community life.

Image: alliance1911 / flickr

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