CDP Cities 2011: global report on C40 cities

Cities and towns

City governments sit at a critical climate change nexus. They are responsible for large amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG). Their populations and infrastructure are immensely vulnerable to the damaging effects of warming temperatures, sea level rise, and increased occurrences of catastrophic storm events. And they are often well-positioned to act quickly and convincingly due to their governmental structures and deep understanding of the complexity of local conditions. As such, a number of cities have pioneered extraordinary approaches to GHG reduction and climate resilience. The CDP process provides a common framework for cities to report publicly on their GHG emissions and climate change risks, how they are measuring them, and how they are tackling the challenges presented by a changing climate. This report, prepared by KPMG, analyzes the responses from C40 cities to the CDP Cities 2011 information request.

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