Literature review

First-response police officers working in single person patrols: a literature review

7 Aug 2012

This literature review examines single person police patrols both in Australia and internationally.

The report examines challenges faced by first-response police officers when working alone and the impact this had on them, operational decisions to deploy single person patrols and how the community view this issue. It concludes that there has been limited research on single person patrols in policing and of the research findings available in the literature, results are mixed and updated research needs to be undertaken.

Instead of focusing solely on the relative advantages and disadvantages of single and two person patrols, four specific research questions were investigated:

  • What are the challenges faced by first-response police officers when performing their duties solo? Specifically, has the policing environment changed since solo policing was introduced?
  • What impact does working alone have on officers being able to successfully perform their duties?
  • How are decisions made to deploy single person patrols?
  • Are single person patrol strategies in line with community expectations?
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