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Fact Check: Prime Minister Scott Morrison says an electric vehicle can't tow a boat or trailer. Is he correct?

Liberal Party of Australia Electric vehicles
Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Labor's plan to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles would "end the weekend", claiming that electric vehicles are not powerful enough to tow trailers and boats. But Mr Morrison's claim is in need of a tune up. There are a handful of electric vehicles available on the Australian market and only around half specify towing capacity. However, those powerful enough to tow a boat or caravan are expensive. Experts told RMIT ABC Fact Check that electric vehicles under development by leading manufacturers and due to be released onto the market well before 2030, are likely to have the capacity to tow a trailer or boat with similar efficiency as petrol-based vehicles. Electric vehicles produce a high level of torque which determines towing capacity; some models, in fact, have a higher power output than standard petrol vehicles. Indeed, some models could reach up to 500 kilometres, with towing capacity. This means that the most efficient of these models could make a trip from Melbourne to the Grampians on a single charge, depending on driving style and conditions. Experts said it was unwise making comparisons between current and fast-evolving technology.
Verdict: In need of a tune up
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