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The Social Progress Index is the only measurement tool to comprehensively and systematically focus exclusively on the noneconomic dimensions of social performance across the globe with transparent and actionable data.

Key findings

  • Overall, social progress is advancing across the world. Since 2014, the world average increased from 62.16 to 64.47, and there has been improvement on eight of 12 social progress components.
  • Despite this overall progress, Personal Rights have regressed since 2014, and there has been stagnation in the areas of Personal Safety, Access to Basic Knowledge and Inclusiveness.
  • 137 of 149 countries register an improved social progress score since 2014, with several countries, including The Gambia, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia demonstrating particularly notable improvement.
  • With that said, there are important negative outliers. Most notably, the United States has dropped from 84.74 to 83.62 over time, experiencing both an absolute and relative decline.


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