Australian Industry Group

Discussion paper

Reimagining vocational qualifications

This paper outlines the Australian Industry Group's views on changes to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) for vocational education and training. It questions whether the previous assumptions underpinning vocational qualifications for Australia are still valid.

Implementing mental health initiatives in Australian business – triggers, facilitators and barriers

This report, by Griffith University’s business school, and initiated and funded by the Ai Group, aims to understand the types of mental health initiatives implemented by Australian businesses, and the triggers, facilitators, and barriers experienced when implementing these initiatives.

Waste – Australian state of play

This document seeks to establish the Australian state of play in the waste area, including the national scene, state matters and the exploration of similarities and differences between state waste levies.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Australian businesses in transition

This report reflects on how Australian businesses have progressed in their digitalisation journey, as well as the underlying technological landscape as they transition to and within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Realising potential: solving Australia’s tertiary education challenge

This report into Australia's tertiary education system identifies the formidable challenges that need to be addressed to deliver better outcomes for the country. It makes recommendations that may add greater coherence to the policy framework which controls all post-secondary education in Australia.