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Monitoring alcohol affordability in Aotearoa New Zealand: 2020 update

Alcohol Alcohol harms Prices New Zealand

There is strong evidence that lower alcohol prices lead to higher alcohol consumption, thereby increasing the risk of alcohol-related harm. This report looks at the trends of alcohol prices and affordability in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Key findings:

  • Between 2017-2020 the average price per standard drink increased for all alcohol beverage types, with beer having the greatest price increase.
  • In the same time period, the inflation-adjusted real price of beer increased, but the real price of wine and spirits and liqueurs decreased. All alcohol combined decreased in real price.
  • Compared to 2017, all alcoholic beverage types were more affordable in 2020.
  • Compared to 2017, it took less time in 2020 for a person on a median income to earn enough to afford an average priced standard drink of beer, whisky or cask wine.
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