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This inquiry was tasked with investigating the rise of far-right extremist movements in Victoria. The Committee acknowledges that many of the witnesses who participated in this Inquiry have been targeted for their identity and/or for their efforts to combat extremism, hate and racism in Australia. In some cases, witnesses were targeted online for their participation in the inquiry itself, and the Committee expresses its gratitude to these witnesses for their courage in coming forward to assist the inquiry.

This report, its findings and recommendations are not the complete answer to the problems caused by extremism nor all the answers to combatting it. They should be seen as a starting point. More work is required to understand extremism and further ways to prevent it.

Key findings:

  • Global and domestic populist movements, particularly the mainstreaming of anti-immigration and anti-democratic ideas, are risk factors for legitimising the rhetoric of extremist movements.
  • The relationship between global, national and state economic policies can contribute to an environment where anti-immigration and anti-government sentiments grow, increasing the appeal of far-right extremist groups which claim to address these issues.
  • The transnational elements of extremist movements must be considered alongside their domestic manifestations because of the borderless and leaderless nature of some violent extremist movements.
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