Accountability or representation? Victorian bicameralism

This paper was presented as a lecture in the Department of the Senate Occasional Lecture Series at Parliament House. On 27 March the Victorian parliament passed legislation significantly reforming the upper house. Among other things, the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Bill 2003 reconstituted the Council to...

Our home choices: how more housing options can make better use of Victoria’s existing infrastructure

This report shows more choice and housing diversity is needed to meet people’s needs as Victoria’s population grows. The report looks at how existing demand for housing in new greenfield suburbs can be shifted to established suburbs, closer to existing infrastructure such as schools, hospitals...

ICT and older adults in the City of Whittlesea

This report addresses three topics of interest to the City of Whittlesea for the development of support programs for older adults - aspirations of older adults to adopt technology, barriers preventing older adults from taking up technology, and strategies to support older adults.

Menu of evidence: children and family services

The Menu of Evidence (the Menu) is an online portal and searchable repository of the best available evidence on what works for improving outcomes for children, young people, families, and carers.
Briefing paper

Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Raise the Age) Bill 2022: Bill Brief

This paper outlines selected aspects of proposed changes to the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005​​​​​​​, in relation to raising the age of criminal responsibility in Victoria. It provides a jurisdictional comparison on what other Australian jurisdictions have done in this space, and outlines some...

Operation Clara: special report

Operation Clara was an investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC). This report highlights the need for reforms to the regulation of lobbying in Victoria and makes recommendations to ensure those regulations are in step with other states and territories.

I believe you: children and young people’s experiences of seeking help, securing help and navigating the family violence system

This report presents the findings from 17 in-depth interviews conducted with Victorian children and young people, from the ages of 10 to 25, with lived experience of family violence. The research seeks to give voice to the experiences and expertise of children and young people...

Achieving a net-zero economy: roadmap for Victorian businesses

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released this strategy document, which is aimed at helping to reduce energy prices, ensuring the reliable supply of energy and supporting businesses in the transition to a net-zero economy.
Working paper

Three ways to restore Victoria's original integrity institution

Restoring integrity to Australian governance requires more than just substantive law reform, such as tightening laws that regulate lobbying and campaign finance and increasing the powers of specialised integrity institutions. It also requires the powers of the cornerstone institution of Australia’s integrity system – Parliament...

Mixed bunch: the use and utility of administrative data in dispute and complaint resolution bodies in Victoria

Dispute and complaint resolution bodies are a vital part of the Victorian justice system, providing access to civil justice for thousands of Victorians. While they have a vibrant political and policy history, their establishment and functions have been organic and piecemeal. This report is an...

‘Can’t you girls work this out?’: LGBTQ+ victim-survivors’ experiences of Victoria’s family violence intervention order system

This report examines the experiences of LGBTQ+ family violence victim-survivors with Victoria’s family violence intervention order system.

Safe and Equal: primary prevention strategy 2022-24

The purpose of this strategy document is to guide Safe and Equal’s prevention focus across the organisation over an initial period of two years. It will provide clarity and consistency in how they describe their role in primary prevention, and how they intend to advance...

Working in community legal centres in Victoria: results from the Community Legal Centre Workforce Project - building and maintaining a sustainable workforce

This report explores why people come to work at community legal centres, their experiences and career path, their longer-term aspirations and why people leave, and where they are going. The findings shed light on issues and factors affecting workforce sustainability.

Evaluating the VicHealth ‘Healthier Masculinities Partnership Grants’: the Human Code – beyond gender expectations in the Macedon Ranges - final report

This report presents the evaluation findings from the Human Code project, an initiative run in Macedon Ranges by Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health (SCCH), and funded by VicHealth’s Healthier Masculinities Partnership Grants. The authors offer recommendations for future community partnerships seeking to promote gender transformative...

Pre-sentence reports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: an analysis of language and sentiment

Pre-sentence reports (PSRs) provide information to courts on an individual’s background, circumstances, risks, needs and plans. This study describes the language and sentiment in these reports. The authors studied PSRs written for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people sentenced by the mainstream County Court of...

Victorian energy market report 2021–22

This report aims to provide consumers with information about the energy market that would promote effective competition, to achieve the best outcomes for Victorian energy consumers.

Visualising Victoria's electoral history

This paper provides an outline of some of the main electoral and political changes in Victoria since the 1850s. It combines historical sources with computational data analysis and visualisation techniques to illustrate patterns in Victoria’s electoral and party systems.

Infrastructure election monitor: Victorian red book

This report outlines the Andrews Government's infrastructure policy and project commitments ahead of its third term in government, and includes an overview of public infrastructure investment and market dynamics.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: the Victorian Liberals say the state's debt is larger than any other state and larger than NSW, Queensland and Tasmania combined. Is that correct?

The Victorian Liberals say the state's debt is larger than any other state and larger than NSW, Queensland and Tasmania combined. Verdict: the Victorian Liberal party claims are gilding the lily.
Fact sheet

We fact-checked Samantha Ratnam's claim that Victorians have lost $66 billion at the pokies. Here's what we found.

Samantha Ratnam claimed Victoria had lost $66 billion to poker machines since their introduction 30 years ago. Verdict: Ms Ratnam's claim is understated.

Logging off: a cost-benefit analysis of land use options for the native forests of the Central Highlands, Victoria

Australia is home to some of the world’s most ancient forests. This paper offers policy-makers a blueprint for assessing the true value of our native forests. Recognising the inherent preferencing of the quantitative (particularly when it comes to Expenditure Review Committee processes), the authors conduct...

Pre-election pulse check: an analysis of Victorian state government leadership

The Australian Leadership Index (ALI) captures public perceptions of Australian institutions over time across three dimensions of leadership for the greater good: Integrity, Contribution and Competence. In this report, the authors provide a snapshot of the ALI's findings on public perceptions of the Victorian government's...

Mind the gap: identifying the gap between energy concession eligibility and concessions received

Ensuring low-income consumers receive concessions is direct cost-of-living support to improve affordability of energy bills. This report highlights the gap between those eligible for an energy concession and those receiving this concession on their energy bills.

Our strategy: transforming gambling regulation in Victoria

Following the 2021 Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence, this strategy has been developed by the new Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission in order to shape a gambling industry Victoria that has integrity, is safe and is fair.

'Can't afford to live': The impact of the rising cost of living on Victorians and Tasmanians on low incomes

This report provides evidence that the rising cost of living is deepening financial, housing and food insecurity, and impacting mental and physical health, while also increasing social isolation.